January 28

'Into the Light' - Transformational Coaching

Why is the human condition often so burdened by problems?

Why do we experience crises and distress?

Usually, our first response to a problem or crisis is to find a solution in the shortest possible time, to make it ‘go away’ and to re-establish a previous order and comfort.

Crises and problems, however, do not just happen for no reason.

It is well known, for example, that a crisis is often the last phase in a long period of neglected, ignored or suppressed issues. When that is the case, a lasting resolve can be found by carefully and compassionately unpacking the crisis’ history, rather than enforcing a fix- it strategy.

Other perspectives can be found when we consider the wisdom of language.

The Greek word problema refers to something ‘thrown before’ you or that ‘juts out’, like promontory. It can also mean something ‘held in front, like, a screen or a shield.

The Latin equivalent could be the word projectus; in English we can speak of something that is projected (as a symptom outward, into your environment, or manifesting in the body). It can also be seen and received as a project. In that manner, as a projected obstacle a problem can block your path. As a project, it can help you develop new insights, strength and independence.

There is a reciprocal relationship between the caliber of the problems and restrictions that challenge you the most, and the caliber of the potential for renewal that can be achieved.

In personal growth, each step inward makes possible a new step outward.

When you are willing to receive and approach a problem in your life in this manner, you will not re-establish a previous order and comfort, but instead you will raise yourself into your own light.

This is what Transformational Coaching is about, and you will find it offered in the email coaching programs “Into the Light” and “This Strange Land” - a Reluctant Pilgrimage, facilitated by Heart and Soul Coaching.

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