February 10

How To Manifest Money, Job, Business 0pportunities, Freelancing Opportunities

Present Results Are The Manifestation Of Past Thinking.

Hola Amigos,

I have written near about four articles and this is my fifth one. I am practicing hypnotherapy , NLP, CBT, REBT and Silva Mind Control with my clients. This helps them change their current paradigm and shift into the desired thinking state.

I started with learning REIKI in 2010 and I did my Grand Master certification .

What’s the point? Am I Boasting? A……. not really maybe a bit …. lol…. LISTEN ….Hear Me out!

ALL of this journey right from reiki to NLP , hypnosis etc JUST to DO one thing..😂😁….:) …. LOOSE WEIGHT….. Oh yes!!!! I thought there must be something about the subconcious mind programming that I am Missing…… I also wanted to earn money. ….

During this whole journey I realized the way we have been brought up especially from 0 - 7 years has a huge impact on our psychology. Though I didn’t want to use the words trauma and abuse here. But, if you have gone through trauma or abuse then chances are your self image is totally shattered. This will have a huge negative impact on your money consciousness .

I have been reading and researching the subject of law of attraction along with my professional education for more than 10 years…..


I know one thing now. The conscious mind loves or craves anything wonderful that it experiences through 5 senses and the subconcious has no say! It approves of everything! Bloody Hell then where is the problem?

The problem lies in your judgement mind or critical filter. Problem lies in the way you have been spoken to and treated like. ####

The Critical Filter is your judgment mind or I can say its like a long term memory which can be called as your deeper belief system about relationships, money or health. These belief systems control or modulate our actions and like it or not also fiddle with your feeling or vibration. Vibration or feeling has the power to travel into space and connect you with people who need you.

Do you want a proof?

Type Hanger Experiment By Pam grout on the youtube…… you will know what energy I am Talking about. :)😉😎This energy has the power to shift your vibration and basically helps you create richer, money making ideas etc. What happens when you are laughing can you slap anyone in anger. No. the brain can do only one thing at a time though subconcious can do a million things. Get one thing straight today once you read this article. Anything that is not working in your life has not been programmed into you .

Today the topic is Money lets stick to money. Now in order for you to earn a certain amount :-

1 - First Decide a Number. Remember subconcious is the muscle mind , feeling mind it will move on clear directions only. For example if I said I really like her, she is beautiful. What sense would make of it? What if I said I really like Mother Teressa She is Beautiful. Did it form a connection or a mental image? Yes I know it did.

Hence no more saying more money! Say the exact number!

2 - Decide what you will give as a product or service in return of this money. internet is filled with people saying ask as much as you want. I have results of my clients that stick! I will tell you start with a smaller number once you understand the process take a leap from there.

3 - Now, Get a picture or a real representation of the money that you need to earn and also get you bank account statement play with it and put the number that you desire to earn. You can order fake money from amazon for representation and place one real note above the fake bundle. You Need to visualize this number and use affirmation to make an imprint on your subconcious! literally parroting!

4 - Now every single day play with a bigger amount than your decided amount in your mind. Why? When you are affirming a smaller amount but you are mentally making ideas of earning and spending a bigger amount you will automatically get comfortable with your decided amount in due course of time. This is a powerful belief clearing exercise shared by Bob Proctor ! I’d Say nothing is big or small unless compared to something. Law of relativity!

5 - Smell money every single night! yes yea smell it and play with it to a point where you start to visualize it easily(this will be called as your point of reference)… before I tell you the last step….Display of my subject clarity!!!

Imagine your favorite food in your imagination eat a bite or two(pizza, pasta etc)….. Now apply a nice layer of dog poop to the same food and try eating it now…. What just happened? My guesses are that the subconcious doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined it must have stopped you!!!!! correct?? you must have said yuck!!!!

Try visualizing in your imagination that you are driving a car without seat and steering…. it wont drive…. until you are really wild in your imagination. I have so many weird things to write but I wont….. So, basically as within so without. If you don’t have money outside it not inside too in your subconcious. Visualization and repetition is your key to freedom.

6 - Visualize every single night and morning that your purse , drawers are filled with money and you are serving clients really well. people are clapping for you and so on…. now you must repeat it to a point where gradually the picture looks loud and clear and bright!!!!!

7 - Make a List of things you are good at and you can sell or offer services.

8 - Make a savings plan way before you start earning!

If the programming of subconcious begins to happen your thinking will start to shift from problem or lack to solution thinking. You mind will entertain ideas and start focusing on people who are earning money. You will feel motivated to attend classes and take help. You will feel like investing in yourself as you will be able to see a bright future. Soon, you may feel a sense of hope that it might click.

Do this at least for 90 days minimum & maximum 13 months. Remember don’t change the affirmations or the amount every time. Stick to one affirmation it will have a hammering effect on the subconcious and conscious mind.

Life is not made with 30 days challenge get over it and take charge of your life! I use this technique it connected me to core spirit and multiple other platforms. It gave me the courage to write and advertise myself. I have finally successfully cut sugar from my diet.

I released during my sugar detox the brain doesn’t care what we put into it . Its the meaning that we have associated with our actions which have the power to take us backwards or forward in life. We have a choice to reprogram ourselves. You are a light being you have all the powers to make it happen. Visualize and take massive actions!

Always Remember “ Money is a reward received for service rendered” And “ Money is a great servant but a terrible Master” .

May All Your Wishes Come True.

Best of Luck


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