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September 26

How to Breathe When Swimming - Overcoming a Fear of Water


This video will teach you how to breathe when you're in water. This is an essential part of learning to swim, and will help you feel more at east when in the water

For safety reasons, we advise you to try this exercise in the presence of someone who can swim.

This video is split into two parts: breathing out and breathing in.

Let's start with breathing out. To get ready for the crawl or breaststroke, always try to exhale when your head is under water. Exhale through the mouth and nose simultaneously.

Exhale as much of the air from your lungs as you can under the water, so that you will be able to inhale the maximum amount of oxygen for the short time that your head is above the water.

Next, inhaling. This of course happens above the water. Always inhale through your mouth to quickly replace the oxygen in your lungs. Inhaling through your nose takes more time and you risk taking in water at the same time.

The movement of your head for inhaling differs according to the stroke you are swimming. For breaststroke, you inhale when your head leaves the water facing forward. On your stomach with your feet on the bottom of the pool, breathe as you would for breaststroke for one minute.

For front crawl, you inhale when turning your head to the side. With the same posture as before, practise breathing as you would for front crawl.

Remember to inhale through your mouth and exhale through your mouth and nose. Over to you!