How to Become a Mindful Massage Therapist | Core Spirit
September 26

How to Become a Mindful Massage Therapist

You already know about “mindfulness,” that buzz word that often appears in conversations about meditation and other strategies for fighting stress.

It may seem that given the kind of our job as massage therapists, we would have mindfulness all figured out — but often that isn’t the case.

Mindfulness may seem like an easy practice at first — and at its core, it is simple — but given all the distractions of modern life, and our tendency toward multi-tasking, in actuality it can be pretty hard to tune out everything else but the present moment. It is important to learn how to remain anchored in the moment, practicing guiding your mind back to only the task at hand, and how this habit can transform your daily activities.

Try reading about the many health benefits of mindfulness as there are so many helpful mindfulness resources these days.

Most massage therapists are naturally givers, people who place a priority on the welfare of other people; but part of being givers is that we tend to neglect our own self-care. Mindfulness is one way you can do something good for yourself even during your most stressful days.