HEART CONSCIOUSNESS is the Key | Core Spirit
November 16


Your mind can be your best weapon, or your greatest weakness.  It all depends upon how you direct your thoughts and your attitude. Do you tell your body what to do, or does your body control you with desire?

Don't forget your true Spirit Self is filling your body with energy and moving it, flowing with life, not the other way around. Many people aren't awake to this, and remain "body-stuck". Their consciousness is retained within the Mind, where their endless and unnecessary thoughts control their energy and their actions.

Heart Consciousness  is when your conscious awareness resides in the heart chakranot the brain. You become more expansive, more conscious and aware of not only your energy body and higher/lower selves, but also the subtler dimensions and the universe around you. You have access to things beyond your body; you can see, do, and feel more.

The more expansive you are, the freer you are. However, the denser you are, stuck in your thoughts and your mind, the more limited you are.

Neither is wrong, because ultimately you choose your reality. However, the only difference between heart consciousness and being stuck in matter, or your thoughts, is that you can manifest your Will, as opposed to being directed by the will of others who have expanded beyond physical matter in one way or another.

The heart is wise and guided by the Divine. The brain is knowledgeable, and guided by worldly experiences and gathered information. Both are useful in a world dominated by both heavenly and hellish influences, however, the heart will always be the more powerful and impactful factor. The heart's electric and magnetic energy is multiples times greater than the brain's, and its magnetic field can interact with the energy of other people 3 feet and beyond.

Because the heart is a special organ, with metaphysical, spiritual, and   natural physical qualities, it should never be ignored!

Let the heart Glow and Be Well! 

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