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July 1



Billions of bacteria exist in your mouth; more than there are people on Earth. There are over 700 different species of microbes in your mouth. One tooth can host 500 million bacteria. So, what, you say. Well, these can cause tooth decay, bad breath, heart disease, digestive issues, gingivitis, and hormonal imbalances which might negatively impact your sex life.

And you thought I was going to talk about how to make someone shut up or not talk so loudly. Brushing your teeth and gargling regularly can help but it doesn’t get the job done, after all, we humans have a big mouth. What then, can be done?

For an answer to that question, we must travel about 5,000 years back in time to India. There, the ancient healers used a technique that has become a highly regarded practice of mouth cleansing called Gandusha. Gandusha is also called “Oil Pulling.” I suspect Gandusha’s second name has to do with the “oil” placed in the mouth because it pulls the bacteria, germs, and other debris out of the mouth.

“Vedic healers claimed oil pulling could prevent and heal over 30 systemic diseases.” Some diseases affect several organs and tissues. Among the systemic diseases are arthritic swelling, Dactylitis, mucous cysts, red dots around fingernail cuticles, and psoriasis. Besides whiter teeth there are several benefits of a daily routine of Gandusha: Among these are healthier gums, no bad breath, increased energy, and mental clarity, and helps relieve headaches.

Doing the Gandusha involves using an oil base, essential oils, and herbs. Here, now, are the ingredients and the steps for creating a Gandusha mouthwash. Most of the recipes I have found include coconut oil as the base and has the main function of pulling out toxins.

Ingredients: 4 oz of coconut oil (a melted 4 ounces) or 4 oz of any of these essential oils: Sunflower, Sesame, Sweet Almond Oil, or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon (I prefer Ceylon for flavor) ¼ teaspoon of finely crushed cloves ¼ teaspoon of peppermint essential oil (Orange or Lemon if you prefer or a blend of two or more) Directions: Carefully blend all of the ingredients. Place the blended ingredients in a sterilized glass jar with a lid. How to Use: Take one or two teaspoons full of the Gandusha Mouthwash, swish it around in your mouth with some force for at least two full minutes. Spit the oil out into a disposable paper cup or a glass cup you can wipe clean with a paper towel before washing. DO NOT spit the wash into your sink. DO NOT SWALLOW the wash. Be careful NOT to inhale any of the liquid. Thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water. Do this daily and if you have time increase the swish time to 3 to 4 minutes.

Side Effects of Gandusha: Check with your doctor before using any supportive medicine or medical technique is always a good policy and one which I strongly recommend. There might be some allergic reactions if you have a sensitivity to nuts or spices. You may experience dizziness, itching, nausea, or vomiting. If you do, stop using the wash immediately, and if symptoms persist check in with your doctor. c, Norman W. Wilson 2021

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