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Dec 16, 2020

Every human being consists of both masculine and feminine energies; we are all 50:50. It is beneficial to draw these energies within ourselves whenever they serve us. It is essential for women to release our resistance to our own gender and start to fully embrace and express our divine feminine nature. The healthy balance also consists of a true understanding of our masculine qualities that are contained within us. Developing this balance will help you become a more complete human being and will create more understanding of the other gender.

The two polarities are very different and we all use them both, day in day out. When being aware of them it’s easier to work with them, so let’s have a closer look!

The feminine energy of our being can be described as yin, passive, receptive, sensitive, standing still, creation, wild, and maybe even a bit chaotic.

On the other hand, our masculine energy is yang, active, providing direction, focused on problem-solving, and in need to move forward and be productive (f.e. think of to-do lists). The masculine-pole is more related to moving towards achieving goals and the feminine-pole is more related to moving towards a deepened love of life and going with the flow.

Many women behave mostly from their masculine energy. Why? Because if you want to step into your feminine energy, you cannot bypass your heart. In order to be in your feminine energy, you will have to feel, observe, and listen to your heart on a constant base. When we listen to our heart, we don’t only get to see the bright light. No, we also get confronted with our dark side and our shadows and this may come with a lot of pain. This is the exact reason why we avoid it, because taking the easy road is much more convenient right? Nope, not in the long run dear!

Another reason why women are mostly behaving from their masculine energy is because we live in a world that adds more value to the masculine pole, always in need to be productive, to work hard, and DOING, all-the-time.

When we use the two polar energies in a closed-minded way we lose the power of them. We lose the true essence when the feminine only becomes for women and the masculine only for men. But, when our masculine and feminine are activated and fully nourished, you don’t come from a place of neediness from the outside; you come from a place of fullness. You are complete.

When looking at myself, I discovered that I have been acting from my masculine side way more than my feminine side. During my study, I was always trying to do more, to fir more tasks in my day. Why? Because being productive was my norm. My feminine side was on the background and under-developed. After my study, I found out that this is not a sustainable way to live. It’s not that there was something wrong with me, I was simply not aware of it and it wasn’t something I’d been shown or encourages to embrace. The feminine was a part of me that I needed to remember, because it is not something new. It’s already inside of us.

It’s important to mention that it’s very normal to use your masculine energies more than your feminine, it’s not ‘wrong’. Some signals you might feel in an over-developed masculine way of living:

▽ not feeling emotionally attached to the goals you are working towards

▽ feeling numb in your emotions

▽ feeling disconnected about who you are and what you really desire

▽ being drained from always DOING

So, how do we return back to the feminine within us?

We have to come into contact with the deep currents, feelings, emotions, and energies in our body; also called ‘Embodiment’. We have to choose the feminine path of embodiment, the path of the conscious women. There needs to be a switch from a mind-driven to a energy-driven way of living. When we tap into feminine embodiment practices, it is natural for life to become more joyous. We will feel more flow and more connection with ourselves, developing a high sense of self-worth and learning to own out pleasure. We need to ask ourselves what the emotional energy is behind our ‘doing’. What feeling and sensation is driving your actions? Ask yourself ‘how does my body actually feel at the moment?’ and ‘what tension is my body holding (and where)?’ THAT beautiful woman, that is your feminine energy right there!

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