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June 25



Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D.

Mirrors have been around for at least 8,000 years. These mirrors were made of highly polished obsidian and their actual use is unknown; however, archeologist, Ian Hodder has stated that “one of the most commonly suggested [uses] for this time period is that they have something to do with predicting the future or understanding the spirit world through reading images in the mirrors.” The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans had mirrors. These early peoples used the mirrors for spiritual and ceremonial purposes, especially concerning the soul.

Dr. E. W. Kellogg, III made the following statement: “Whatever one believes about physical mirrors, it makes sense psychologically that dream mirrors may indeed reflect the soul.” He continues by saying, “… in addition they may also reveal to dreamers hidden aspects of themselves, serve as powerful mediums for obtaining important information, and act as useful portals to other dimensions… “

I feel using a mirror to open doors to another dimension or realm is personally more acceptable than using such drugs as Ayahuasca or Peyote. I have written and spoken about such drug usage before. For now, I will say this: I feel if one is under the influence she or he is not in control—and this is problematic if one seeks solutions and answers to healing questions, life changes, or personal issues.

How do you use a mirror to enter another dimension or realm? There are a few items you will need.

1. You need a mirror that is six to eight inches wide and freely stands ten to twelve inches high. If it is necessary, support the mirror so it is secure. If the mirror is double-sided and one side is for magnification, do not use that side.

2. You need a candle and it should be tall enough to be in direct line of your vision so the flame is in alignment with the bridge of your nose. Because of an inherent potential of fire caused by knocking over a fire candle while you are in a trance state, I recommend using a battery candle that flickers. They are available on the Internet. Place the candle four or five inches in front of the mirror so that you see its flame reflected there.

3. Next, have a small amount of incense to burn in a fire-proof container, a match or lighter with which to light the incense. I recommend a mixture of cedar, Palo Santo, and Copal. About one half teaspoon full of the mixture should be sufficient. More may be added depending upon your taste.

4. A CD of drumming or an Mp3 file of drumming set at a moderate loudness. There are several excellent recordings available. I particularly like Michael Harner’s Shamanic Journey Solo and Double Drumming.

5. You should have a quiet, dimly lighted room and a comfortable chair in which to sit. No telephone, cellphone or television or others in the household who are loudly talking.

Once you are set, take three or four Ocean Breaths and then quietly say to yourself, “I am open.”

Allow yourself fifteen to twenty minutes. Do not be disappointed if your experience is less than you anticipated. The old saying, ‘practice makes perfect’ holds here.

For more information on connecting to another realm check my book, Activating Your Spirit Guide available at—the-shamans-way.htm as well as at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

©Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D. 2020

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