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Norman W. Wilson, PHD©

Modern medical science tells us that our hearts beat 70 to 100 times per minute. Further, that equals 165 ounces of blood per minute being pumped throughout our body. We know the heart communicates with the brain and body in four ways: neurological, biochemical, biophysical, and energetic. Energetic communication means electromagnetically. We also know that this electromagnetic field is sixty times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. Studies have shown that this electromagnetic field may transmit information that can be received by others.

For me, as a shaman who works with vibration, this strongly suggests we can transmit heart energy and it, like other aspects can be blocked. That is an area for later discussion.

Heart energy then is the electromagnetic field generated by the pumping heart. Because it is vibratory, it can be changed and directed. Heart energy is the profound love that naturally flows throughout one’s body connecting to all things including the universe itself.

You, at some time in your life, have experienced strong negativity from someone or someplace. The heart-energy being generated by that individual is contaminated as was the place contaminated by negative people. These negative vibrations could also come from a loved one. So how do you send heart-energy to someone or the universe? I recommend placing two drops of Pure Rose Essential Oil on a wrist and rub it in before you begin the following steps: Have a place you can go to and just sit undisturbed—a quiet place—where you can listen to a recording of drumming. Do not have the music at a loud volume.

1. Place your left hand over your heart; place the right hand on top of your left hand.

2. Close your eyes and begin to Ujjayi breathe. Do five deep breaths.

3. As you do your breaths, focus on your heart. If your mind begins to wander don’t panic. Add one more Ujjayi breath. If that doesn’t work, remove your hands from your heart area and take your pulse: feel it, concentrate on it; feel it. Then return your hands to your heart. Remember, your right-hand goes on top of your left hand.

4. Keeping your eyes closed; visualize the person to whom you wish to send heart energy. If you have difficulty doing the visualizing it is helpful to have a photograph of the individual to look at.

5. Quietly say, “I send you heart energy,” You may say this out loud or just to yourself. Say this three times. You may choose to say the person’s name to whom you are sending Heart Energy.

6. Take a deep breath, sit quietly for a couple of minutes, and then return to your normal activities.

©2020 by Norman W. Wilson, PHD.

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