How to Lucid Dream – Learn This Powerful & Exciting SkillHow to Lucid Dream – Learn This Powerful & Exciting Skill

How do you learn to lucid dream?It’s not that difficult – the most important is the desire to acquire the skill. Below you can find exercises that will help you attain lucid dreaming states. How to lucid dreamIf you already know what a lucid dream is, you can start exercises that will teach you control of your dreams. If not, here is an article to give you an idea of the essence and benefits of lucid dreaming.Before you start, you need to know some rules.The most important in learning how to

Dana Kreuzberg

April 03

  • The Rise Of Spiritual Apps

    August 02

    For centuries, spiritual practices meant seated meditations, and steady, controlled breaths: rituals which help us draw from the exterior and look within. Now, however, in a tech-crazed era, we could get a feeling of spirit using small icons on our phones. Nearly 1,000 meditation programs are now available, with large players such as Headspace ushering in 16 million downloads as of last year and raising almost $100 million in investments. Others such as Calm, Insight Timer, and Aura will alsoWilbert Parks

    The Rise Of Spiritual Apps
  • Rewiring Your Brain: Neurofeedback Goes Mainstream

    July 28

    Imagine a treatment that involves sitting in a chair, with electrodes attached to your skull. The electrodes are attached to a computer that measure activity in your brain and then send feedback to regulate your brainwaves. Are you rolling your eyes at this weak sci-fi portrayal of futuristic mind-bending medicine?Though it may sound farfetched, neurofeedback has been around since the 1960s. The evidence is not definitive, but there’s growing research to suggest that neurofeedback could be usedTed Manning

    Rewiring Your Brain: Neurofeedback Goes Mainstream
  • Reflections On Voodoo Neuroscience

    July 16

    Seven years ago, neuroscientists Ed Vul and colleagues made waves with their paper on ‘voodoo correlations’ in social neuroscience. Now, in a new paper, historian of medicine Cornelius Borck looks back on the voodoo correlations debate and asks whether neuroscience might be likened to voodoo in another sense.Borck argues that neuroscience has something in common with animism, the religious belief that spirits inhabit various objects. In particular, he says, fMRI studies can be likened to theJanet Massey

    Reflections On Voodoo Neuroscience
  • Audio Visual Entrainment Device: Benefits of regulating and balancing your brain waves

    July 03

    “Hemispheric Synchronization, a potential and generally desired result of brainwave entrainment, refers to a state when the brainwave pattern of the right and left hemispheres become alike. A person with similar activity in both hemispheres is alleged to be happier, more optimistic, more emotionally stable and less prone to mental illness. Increased levels of synchronization are found naturally in people who meditate regularly and people who are very content with their lives in general.” James Quinn

    Audio Visual Entrainment Device: Benefits of regulating and balancing your brain waves
  • The Real Applications of AI at NASA

    June 22

    When it comes to artificial intelligence, NASA and other space agencies are nowhere near building a"Terminator" in space. Thus, you can rest easy -- Arnold Schwarzenegger is not going to hunt you down because you are leading a rebellion against the machines. Artificial intelligence is at its infancy, but scientists have used it to discover alien planets, classify galaxies and make spacecraft capable of dodging debris. However, some critics, such as SpaceX founder Elon Musk and the renownedFrankie Lynch

    The Real Applications of AI at NASA
  • A "Black Widow" 6500 light-years from Earth

    June 22

    A team of astronomers has performed one of the highest resolution observations in history by detecting two intense regions of radiation, 20 kilometres apart, around a star 6500 light-years away. The observation is equal to having a telescope on Earth to observe a flea on the surface of Pluto. The outstanding observation was made possible by the rare geometry and characteristics of a pair of stars orbiting each other. One is a cool, lightweight star known as a brown dwarf, which featuresJavier Bush

    A "Black Widow" 6500 light-years from Earth