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December 3

Eliminating Discrimination-The Shaman’s Way©

Eliminating Discrimination-The Shaman’s Way©

Norman W. Wilson, PhD

We are living in a tumultuous time that is claiming the attention of ministers, priests, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, as well as those in the supportive medicines. And that means me. I am a shaman but I am not a Native American. I was, however, trained by a Miq Maq healer in Quebec Province, Canada in the 1940s. I use the word shaman, which comes to us from Siberia because it is the word in current usage. As a healer, I am interested not only in the physical body but also the mental and emotional aspects of the human being. For me, mental means all those processes in the physical brain, and emotional refers to feelings.

Yes, indeed, we are living in a tumultuous time: COVID 19, economic and political unrest, violent and destructive protests, and just plain nasty malice are the daily feeds on the nightly news and the Internet. We are experiencing daily shootings, stabbings, murders, a huge increase in sex traffic involving children, and spousal abuse. There is an increase in drug use and the fatal consequences of overdosing. National distrust of our police and blatant misrepresentation of factual information provide daily fodder for the building of the unrest sweeping across our country and around the world. Massive overt discrimination is rabid.

Providing incendiary fuel for this hate-based discrimination are many factors. Among the most influential are color and sexual orientation. But there are more subtle discriminatory factors such as one’s job, position, professional or laborer, political beliefs, physical appearance such as size, being bald, having children or being childless, being married or single, being male or female, being or not being in a relationship, and of course religion itself. All of the world’s religions claim to be the ONE for salvation and life ever after.

With some 200 Christian denominations in the United States and some 45,000 in the world, we still have not experienced a decline in the proliferation of the disregard for our fellow human beings; a decline of hate, a decline of jealously, and of discrimination. It’s more blatant than that generated by the infamous Crusades of the 11th Century or the 100 Years War.

I am not so naïve as to believe that we can love one another; or for that matter, that we can even like one another. Unfortunately, it simply is not a part of our human nature to do so. And like other animals, we are survivalists but only to a degree. Current behavior suggests a pleasure bound selfishness and to hell with anything else. Do I believe—no feel—that we are in a hopeless civilized decline? If so, do I believe something can be done about it?

Even though none of us asked to be conceived or to be born is there something we each can do to help bring about a decrease in the vitriol that discrimination brings?

Take a look in a mirror, any mirror. No, not to check if your hair is combed, or your mascara is on, or your tie is tied correctly. Instead, study that face you see there. Know that it has never existed before in the entire history of the human race. It is wonderfully unique. Take that knowledge of uniqueness and apply it to your neighbor, the person at the local coffee shop, your coworker, and to everyone you know and meet. And as you do, remind yourself there has never been and never will be another person exactly any of them; not even so-called ‘identical’ twins are exactly alike. If we take the time to view each person as unique then we won’t have time to discriminate, to belittle, or to hate. As Louis Armstrong used to sing, “It’s a Wonderful World” and it would indeed be, wouldn’t it? If we could just- - -.


©Norman W. Wilson, PhD. 2020

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