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July 19

Divine Metaphysics


Source is a conscious and divine intelligence that is open to all. It is the light that creates all of existence. It is the same light that guides your ascension journey.

Through my services I assist you on your path of awakening. Assisting the vessel in its light preparation to unveil the divinity that lies within.

Whether it is for your own vibrational alignment journey or whether you wish to become a Lightworker/Metaphysician.

The light is your guide every step of this magnificent journey. Archangel Metatron validates Source light vibration and human vessel integration through his divine frequency.

He “shows” us the very existence of this light and we are a most important part of the Ascension of mankind as we rise in light in line with the divine plan and order of the infinite One.

Whether we want to consciously accept or believe, there is an over-seeing and guiding light for humanity that is assisting our light evolution.

Metatronia Foundation of Light assists all aspects of the ascension, alignment, awakening and vibrational preparation.

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