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June 11

Determing Your Universal Authbiography


So, you are the embodied universe and you express the fullness of that universe, but there are some complexities involved in providing you your universal autobiography—your life’s story.

Admittedly, this is kind of hard to write because of the issue of language. There are no words to describe the concepts of duality and nonduality that are inherent aspects of all that is, including you.

So, it is with a certain degree of hesitation maybe even trepidation that I begin.

On one level you are whole and complete and yet at another level, you are an evolving consciousness that takes you to unexplored, unknown, and multi-layered, and ever-expanding flowing rivers of ultimate understandings of multiple and parallel universes. It is in these you will discover the answers to your most significant questions.

I recognize you are still actively seeking what it is you are to do with your life in this dimension—in this realm. There is a place for answers. Some call it the Core Star. It is where your creative process originates; this is the dimension that represents your oneness with the divine and your source of inspiration. The Core Star dimension also represents your individual unique qualities of the divine that created you. And since it is divine, part of that divinity resides in you. Once you recognize those qualities associated with that divine nature you will know your path.

Okay, so where is this Core Star located? How do you tune into it? Some authorities in the metaphysical world claim the Core Star is the heart; thus, “follow your heart’s desire” comes into play. However, I hold a somewhat different view. For me, the Core Star is the Third Chakra, or as it is sometimes called the Third Eye. It is here, that you directly connect to the energetic universe from which comes answers and directions for your life.

Much has been written about the Third Eye but for now, here’s all you have to do: Slowly Inhale and exhale through your nose. Do this for three minutes. Close your eyes and look up to the spot located just between your eyebrows. You can also make use of your fingers to locate the exact point. Continue to breathe slowly and direct your gaze and concentrate on that point. Accept that which comes to you. Open your eyes to end the session. Allow what transpired to coalesce. Photo by Egil Sjoholt (Pixel)

©Norman W. Wilson, PhD 2021

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