Addictions - The Body and The Soul. | Core Spirit
May 18

Addictions - The Body and The Soul.

The process of Overcoming addictions can be broken down into a couple of pieces.

At first, it's completely dark and every little move in the right direction will be a struggle.

This is totally natural since we got used to living the way we did and since we're far away from “The light” Emotionally, Physically and Mentally, it's not possible to see let alone experience what it will feel like or look like on the other side of the addiction. In other words, Living life free from whatever it is we’re addicted to.

At the first stage, faith is very important, since we have nothing to hold onto but faith. In other words, believing that when we overcome addiction, our life’s it will be better.

After a week has passed and we've successfully disciplined ourselves, we're starting to get a sense of the life to come.

We don't know yet what it's like. But, we're flowing easier, feel lighter and feel much better about our abilities to upgrade our minds and reach higher levels in our spirituality and well being.

While we are in the first week, the more leverage we have, the more likely we're to overcome the addiction.

One of the ways to build leverage, is to understand that this world and the bodily pleasures are temporary and only last while we do it. Let’s say, we’re drinking fine wine, we only enjoy it as long as we’re drinking. As soon as we’re done, so is the pleasure that the wine gave us.

Our souls on the other hand, are everlasting. When we get involved and do soulful work, it not only helps us live more fulfilled and meaningful lives, it continues to give us pleasure even after our bodies die.

That’s also true with our ideas that help people, they continue to live on, long after we’re physically gone.

We were given a body to help our souls and other souls around us raise higher, that's the whole purpose.

The body is a physical tool the soul needs in this physical world, in order to raise higher in the spiritual worlds to come.

But, when the body becomes the focus, we lose touch with who we truly are.

We can become completely lost in bodily pleasures, that will only pull our souls down and away from our true purpose and mission is this world.

We can't have it both ways. Either we're after physical or spiritual pleasure.

Both are available to us and it's up to us to make the right the decision to grow spiritually and in the process raise a lot of souls with us. That's what building leverage is all out.

The more we understand the damage it does to our souls the more likely we're to change and go on the right path.

According to the universal law, we're forever moving in one direction, with each thought, we're either creating or disintegrating.

This law always works, it doesn't matter if we're consciously or unconsciously aware of it.

We live in an ocean of motion, everything is moving and nothing rests.

Different souls come from different spiritual worlds and by coming down to this world we have an opportunity to rise to higher spiritual worlds after our souls leave planet earth.

By doing good deeds and taking a part in God's creation by creating things, we accomplish what we need to do in this world and our souls get an upgrade in the world to come.

Every baby that's born today has a purpose that this baby will serve in the years to come.

Every soul that comes down to this world has a mission and a purpose. It's our job to develop our ability to successfully accomplish our purposes so that we can have the spiritual rectification that we need.

By understanding why we're truly here we can begin to recover and start moving in harmony with our purpose and away from the short term pleasures that get us nowhere.

When we truly live in our soul state, we have no need to numb our deepest desires and wants. Because, all they do is try to remind of who we truly are and try to get moving in the right direction.