A Cup Of Love

A cup of love

Today I was offered a cup of love

I am blessed I said to have such a cup, and from up above

The Angels helped to fill the cup with healing light

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And then offered the cup up

And the Ancestors placed a smile so bright.

The cup offered was half full

And once where there were young boys now stood men proud and tall

One by one they added their thoughts and hearts to the cup and it started to fill up

Now the cup is full, and the love has now spilled over into your hearts

Brothers standing together and never to part

So, I say thank you for the cup that is now full up

Thank you for the healing light and the smile so bright

Thank you for the boys who are now men

 for it is now their cups they must tend

For each of you, I placed a healing thought of love into your cups

Now it is your job to keep it topped up.

Today I was offered a cup of love and set it free on the wings of a dove

Let these words of healing and love be taken read

Let the dove fly overhead 

for there is enough love to be shared and not just said

By Jo – Angels and Ancestors 2019

© J Devereux 2019