April 21

Post-pandemic future according to the Tarot.

Hi, this is my first article. Somebody persuaded me to post my findings so here I am.

Here goes, I consulted the Tarot Cards and this is what I found.

The economy will be hit quite badly by the pandemic and will take quite a bit of time to recover. Social life will suffer only a bit, with people socialising after the pandemic. Nature will thrive, probably due to less pollution and will aid us with the decline of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. Relationships may weaken and trust issues may arise within the population, but its severity may ultimately be miniscule. The government will see this as an opportunity to change and adapt to prevent another pandemic from happening. Science and medicine will change drastically and contemplate whether previous methods aided them in any way. This will lead to a large change to prevent another pandemic.

All in all, the future seems like it will stabilise and bring us forth to a better era. This pandemic may be interpreted as bad but ultimately, it will help us evolve and change our ways. I hope everyone stays safe during this pandemic. We will all make it through. Bye.

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