8 Best physical mediums that you should hear to

1. John Edward has brought a fresh, honest and thought provoking attitude to the world of psychic phenomena. As a medium, author and lecturer, he has, over the last three decades, helped thousands with his uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have crossed over to the Other Side. Deeply compelling, often startling and occasionally humorous, John’s down-to-earth approach has earned him a vast and loyal following.

2. Lillyanne Psychic Medium, real name Paula Barstow, based in Leeds, has worked as a professional medium for years. She claims she’s been communicating with spirits since she was a child. Lillyanne is one of the UK's biggest and best Psychic Mediums. She is supported by a expert team of Psychics who can give personal, in-depth readings.

3. Chip Coffey is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. He is blessed to have the God-given ability to provide others with insight, guidance and direction. As a medium, he is also able to reconnect his clients with their deceased loved ones.

4. International Psychic Medium Deborah Davis has been able to both see and hear people in Spirit since being a very small child. Her mother was also a very gifted Medium and so fortunately for Deborah she was able to be guided by her mom and helped to understand her gift.

5. Kim Russo is an internationally-renowned Psychic Medium, intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher. Kim's abilities have been tested and verified and is certified as a highly evidential Medium by The Forever Family Foundation and The Windbridge Institute for Applied Human Research.
With her down-to-earth approach and compassionate heart, Kim is committed to her soul mission of helping to bring healing messages to all those in need.

6. Bee is an internationally esteemed and beloved psychic medium and intuitive coach. Her readings allow a person to benefit by receiving extremely accurate and helpful information along with tools and guidance on important aspects of present and future life circumstances. The messages and counsel Bee receives not only come from spirit, but also the client's own personal "higher self."

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7. Psychic Medium Kareen is an International Psychic, Medium, and Empath. Her gift includes the ability to feel (clairsentience), hear (clairaudience), see (clairvoyance) Spirits, and also the gift of knowing (claircognizance). As she said, her passion in this life involves connecting people with their passed over loved ones, but more so proving with evidential messages that they are on the other side.

8. Kristine Carlson a psychic medium, advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, certified life coach, and author. She sends her readings via email so she can read for people all over the world every day.

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