May 8



Norman W. Wilson, PhD.

We, humans, are under tremendous pressure caused by the current coronavirus pandemic, the subsequent lockdown, lack of employment, closing of cultural events, closing of schools, food supplies dwindling, and disastrous environmental changes. Not only are we negatively impacted by this pressure so too are animals and plants.

What can you do to offset the phenomenal negative energy created by this disruption to our daily lives? There are several ways you can remove the buildup of negative energy in you and your home.

However, before you attempt any of the following procedures you should set your intention. “An intention is a state of mind in which there is a commitment, a fulfilling of a particular action, or desire. Furthermore, intention involves mental action involving planning. This is simply another way of saying commitment.”

You have to want to cleanse yourself of negative energy which drags you down, makes you less than you should be. This includes any negative thoughts or feelings you may have as well as those picked up from other sources.

The methodology that follows does not imply that one approach is superior to any other approach.

1. Arm swipe involves just that. Begin with your left arm extended out from your body and pointing downward. Using your right hand, place it at the front top of your shoulder, and applying some force, swipe your hand down your arm to the tip of your fingers. Then make a fist with your right hand and flick it outward toward the ground. Repeat the procedure with your right arm. Do this twice for each arm.

2. Drumming is a simple and easy thing to do to remove negative energy. You do not need a drum. You can drum on your desk, on a metal pot, or even on a book. Do this with a slow and deliberate beat for ten to fifteen minutes. You may want to do this two or three days in a row or every other day for a week. Simply let the vibrations wash over you to remove negative energy.

3. Use a crystal bowl or a metal Tibetan bowl to create a lingering vibration. If you use a good-sized crystal bowl be sure you hold in the palm of your hand securely. Begin by lightly tapping the mallet on the front (facing away from you) rim of the bowl and the left and right side. Next, move the along the rim of the bowl. Let it vibrate and then begin the process over again. Do this for ten to fifteen minutes.

4. Showering is an excellent and simple procedure to use to remove negative energy. Stand; place your arms in a pyramid about your head. Your fingers should touch. Close your eyes and imagine a warm gentle shower cascading over your body. Do this for at least five minutes and then bring your arms down with some force with your fingers pointing to the floor. If you can, keep your arms raised for ten minutes, do so. Creating discomfort is not the goal here.

You can do breathwork, carry specific crystals with you; add essential oils to your skin, or a diffuser. If it is a nice day and you can be outside, sit in a garden, or stand next to a tree. The choice is always yours. One thing is true; you can do something about negative energy.

Copyright: Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D. 2020

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