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May 29



Norman W. Wilson, PhD.

If you have experienced a drop in your energy, emotional stability, or have felt ill at ease you may be involved in a soul entanglement. Just a bit of science will help bring into focus the concept of entanglement. Quantum entanglement, a concept that has been around since the 20th Century, shows how two particles can be entangled in a way that even when they are separated by huge distances, they are linked. One’s actions impact the other and there is apparent awareness of one another.

At the human level, we refer to soul entanglement. This means that another individual has connected to you in such a way that you have not been able to release her or his influence over you. Unfortunately, this interloper is generally negative—a usurper of your energy and sometimes even of your will to live. Such an individual sucks your soul’s energy dry.

Some additional indicators suggest you have a soul entanglement. Among these are the following:

You are unable to set healthy boundaries with the person.

You can’t seem to move on even after the relationship has ended.

You compare any current relationships with past experience, negatively

You find it difficult to trust.

In addition to these indicators, some literally drag you down. Included are a sense of lethargy, upset stomach, discomfort, and finally, a feeling that you are being harmed physically and emotionally.

How, then, do you fix this soul entanglement that drains you? There are two distinct procedures I recommend. The first one I call Fire Cleansing and the second I call Egg Cleansing.

Here are the procedures for Fire Cleansing to remove a negative soul entanglement.

1. Identify the person who is draining your energy.

2. Write that person’s name on a piece of paper; fold the paper twice.

3. Meditate for at least fifteen minutes.

4. Gather some dried moss or other grasses to be used as tinder. Roll this up into three small balls. Then, using several pieces of cedarwood and Palo Santo sticks, build a small teepee around the tinder.

5. Set the teepee on fire. As it smokes, place the folded paper on the fire. Once it has burned, smudge yourself with the smoke.

6. Do an energy shower by placing your hands in the prayer position; raise your arms with your hands still in the prayer position above your head. Hold this position for a few minutes to allow the energy of the Universe to flow down over your body and into the ground.

7. Say this mantra three times: “I break all ties with (name person). I am free.”

Egg Cleansing is an ancient cleansing method primarily from South America and it is very effective in ridding yourself of a negative soul entanglement. You will need the following items: a white candle and matches or lighter. Be sure to set the lighted candle in a safe place. You need two eggs, sea salt (white), a glass of distilled water (at least 8 ounces). Be sure the glass is clear, that is, not tinted in any way. Do not use a plastic or Styrofoam glass.

Follow these steps:

Wash the eggs with mild soapy water and thoroughly rinse them.

Make sure your glass is clean before filling it ¾ full of the distilled water.

Men, remove your shirt and gently rub one egg in the heart area. Be careful not to break or crack the egg. Then rub the egg down each arm, from the Third Eye (center of the forehead) to the crown of your head. Do the rest of your body.

Women, follow the procedure above; you may wish to remove your bra to ensure good body contact with the egg at the heart chakra.

Once you have gently rubbed the egg over your body, crack the egg into the glass of distilled water, taking care not to break the yolk. Do not stir or move the glass.

This step is very important! Pay close attention to the egg yolk as it empties into the glass. If it has bubbles surrounding it or shooting upwards the soul entanglement is too deep; that is, the attachment is too strong. If you see a human face this is a sign of reinforcement that the attachment is very strong. However, if the water is clear after breaking the egg, you are clear of the entanglement. At this point, you may want to say a mantra of gratitude.

Take a tablespoon of the sea salt and put it in the glass containing the egg. Dump this mixture into your toilet and flush.

If, however, you have the bubbles, say the following mantra three times: “Begone! You have no sway over me.”

Using the second egg, repeat the same procedures as you did for the first egg.

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