Passion for my profession

My passion for my profession has never faulted in the last 18 years, since starting as a Physiotherapy Assistant back in 2002.

The joy of helping people reach their goals, has projected me throughout my working journey. It’s helped me through my degree, progressing within Physiotherapy and now into my present career path.

My passion for scar therapy is exactly the same feeling as I had when I first went into Health. This joy, and sense of ultimate satisfaction when you listen, acknowledge, understand and treat people in your care, is immense.

Combining my scar therapy skills with my Physiotherapy and also Acupuncture knowledge and experience, means I am able to appreciate and understand multiple aspects of the human body.

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This leads me to be able to offer in-depth and tailored treatments to every person I treat. My scar therapy knowledge and skills has enhanced the practitioner I am today.

The future is exciting and I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge even further. I now have the opportunity teaching Physiotherapists, GPs and other Allied Health Professionals the benefits and importance of scar therapy.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds, with our many developments at HLP Therapy.

If you want to know more about scar therapy and integrating this treatment within your scope of practice, or attend one of our courses, then follow us on Facebook @hlptherapy or send me an email at: Thank you 

Article byHannah Poulton