Pathworking Meditation

The Heath

Prepare the area you are going to work in, light candles and incense, choose colors and fragrances familiar to you.

Choose music to gently play in the background.

When you are ready, sit in a favorite chair, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, inhale and exhale, all the while letting your breathing get deeper.

When you are relaxed, breathing ever more deeply and in your head leave your home and make your way down your path.

You are greeted by a door, a bright white door with a black handle, turn the handle, and on the other side of the door are beautiful shades of green and a gravel path. Step through the door onto the path.

You can see the gravel gives way to beautiful lush green grass just ahead. As you step onto the grass you are aware the ground beneath you is soft, you find your walking easy, grounding yourself with every step, you are becoming one with the with your surroundings.

The path begins to wind, and you are aware of bracken to the right of you and a small fence to the left. As the path straightens, you are becoming aware of a familiar outline walking beside you, you are on an ancient heath, with wooded and open spaces.

Able to take in the shapes of the shrubs, gorse, and heather, the oaks offer protection as they tower above the heath and reach their branches out like majestic arms offering the heath a warm embrace.

Aware the ground is changing becoming softer with leaves and tiny twigs making a carpet, it crackles and snaps as you make your way along the path carved by thousands of feet over a millennium. The sun hidden by the canopy peeps through the branches giving rays of sun here and there kissing the ground.

You are now aware of the smells of the wooded quarter, deep smells of bark and damp leaves, beside you to the right is a sun-filled field rolling away from you with ripe winter wheat swaying back and forth in the breeze. To the left is green fern waist-high leaning in beckoning you to gently touch and stroke as you walk past.

The person walking with your wishes to accompany you with and spend time with you. As you turn the corner another part of the heath comes into view a fallen tree gives you a place to rest, remain here for a while with the breeze gently kissing your face you sit and beckon your companion to join you, looking across the heath slip your hand into theirs and feel the love between you and listening you will hear messages from those who have loved and left.

It is time for you to return from your journey, thank your companion and ask them to stay awhile and enjoy the heath.

Make your way down a path soft and easy to walk on, you can see the pinks, blues, whites, and purples of the heather across the heath as the sun and shade touches the heather like a rolling wave.

You enter a clearing of grass and some fallen trees, the sun is fading, and dusk is upon the heath, walking past the fallen trees you are going back alongside the bracken and back onto the gravel path, you are met with the bright white door with the black handle.

Turning the handle and opening the door you step through onto your path at home, make your way indoors, and be seated back in your favorite comfortable chair.

Keeping your eyes closed breath in the familiar smell of home and slowly bring yourself back into real-time and place. Opening your eyes slowly focusing on the room.

When you are ready, write down any thoughts or feelings you had on the walk, and any messages left with you by your companion who had walked with you.

Blessed Be

© J Devereux 09.2018