May 17


Why would you want to know how to make and use a Dowsing Rod? If you, a friend, a family member or your pet seems to be lethargic or seems to be tired a good deal of the time, a Dowsing Rod can provide you with some valuable information.

Dowsing and Divining Rods are frequently interchangeably used. I believe there is a difference and an important one when it comes to shamanic use. A Dowsing Rod is used to locate groundwater, buried metals, electrical wiring, and carrion; whereas, a Divining Rod is used to seek knowledge of the future, of the supernatural or of the unknown. Both have their value.

A Dowsing Rod can be a forked branch of a Willow Tree, a Birch Tree, or a Witch Hazel Tree. If none of these appeals to you, you can use a pendulum that has been specifically made for dowsing. I use a metal coat hanger and a two-inch piece of a plastic straw.

To make your own, cut the bottom piece of the coat hanger free from the rest of the wire. Carefully, bend this into a 45-degree angle. Visualize the letter “L.” To ensure that I am not moving the Dowsing Rod, I cut a two-inch piece from a plastic straw into which the Rod is inserted.

I use a Dowsing Rod to determine the energy flow or the lack thereof in a client. I have the client on a massage table, lying on their back. Sanding at their feet, I hold the Dowsing Rod about 8 to 10 inches above the client’s body. Be sure to hold the Dowsing Rod away from your body, especially your face as well as that of the family member. The Rod will move back and forth and if there is high energy it will spin all the way around. Wherever the Dowsing Rod stops suggests an energy blockage and it is that area upon which I concentrate.

One thing I like to do is to give the Dowsing Rod to the client and have them hold it. I do this to demonstrate it is their energy that moves the Rod and not me doing it to impress them.

Another use for the Dowsing Rod is to determine the energy flow in a room. Determining positive or negative energy takes a bit of practice. Generally, if the Dowsing Rod swings to the left it is negative energy and if it swings to the right it is positive energy. By the way, that also holds true for a person. (See my article titled How to Get Rid of Negative Energy-The Shaman’s Way)

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