For most people, healing is exclusive to just the medical world. But, others believe in the metaphysical power of stones, charms, and crystals. This means that alongside other forms of treatment, people also run to stones for added protection.

There is no better substitute to what medicine tells you about your health, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with using stones and charms. If you believe in their power to attract health, wealth, and other positive elements, then go for it. One of the most in-demand stones today is black agate, which is a natural form of silicon dioxide. Specifically, the black agate is a variety of chalcedony.

Black agate is best known for rebalancing and harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. It helps to cleanse and transform negativity, which, in turn, results in a more stabilized aura for the person using it. Through the use of black agate, there's a higher sense of security and safety. It helps control inner anger and tension, and also has healing properties for many organs.

Having said these, read through this article to learn more about black agate meaning and how it benefits your health.

Why Is Black Agate Very Popular?

The black agate stone takes its properties from deep inside the earth. Its primary source is volcanic rocks or lava flow. Over the ages, the black agate has come through the deposits of silica that accumulated in the volcano. Crevices, nodules, and cracks of volcanoes are especially filled with this stone.

The black agate stone is, in itself, very impressive. It comes in many natural colors and is contrasted through its band patterns. These patterns start right at the center of the rock, which then move outward like tree rings. Each band also contains numerous powers as each has a unique mineral composition.

Black agate isn't just something that the owner can wear. It can also be displayed or placed in a room as it comes in all shapes and sizes.

The Benefits Of Black Agate

1. Helps Smokers Trying To Quit

If you're a smoker who’s now trying to quit, the black agate can make the whole process a lot more bearable. To maximize this specific healing purpose of the stone, you have to balance out the use of the black agate with the elements of earth and fire. The number 3 is also said to be its best number choice. For those trying to quit smoking, this works particularly well as it can help your body to assimilate oxygen. This means that your whole body will not have a difficult time dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.

For those who turned to smoking due to depression, black agate is also a good choice. It has the power to release any repression that your mind may be experiencing. It helps you see the bigger picture more clearly and positively; that way, depression is also better controlled.

2. Provides Comfort During Time Grief

Have you recently lost a loved one? The black agate can also help you out significantly while you grieve. This type of stone shares the same qualities as that of the obsidian. It is from these qualities that the black agate gains its protective powers. This helps create soothing energy from within that can greatly comfort a grieving person. The calming tendency of the black agate is something that people suffering from any type of loss can truly benefit from.

Grief may come from any of the following reasons:

● Forced selling of sentimental property or the family home

● Divorce or relationship breakup

● Loss of a friend

● Losing a job

● Loss of a cherished dream or ambition

● Miscarriage

Here are some excellent reasons why comfort during grief is very important:

● Pain is acknowledged and given attention to

● Emotional pain is better controlled so it doesn't affect the physical body

● Helps one to move on from grief faster

3. Builds Strength And Energy

For building strength and energy, those with the zodiac sign Aries can benefit from the black agate the most. It also helps in creating an emotional, intellectual, and physical balance. Through this, the energy of the physical body is restored.

Moreover, whenever the owner of the stone is under a lot of tension, the black agate can help soothe and calm their feelings. Having said that, the stone can be most beneficial for people who are going through a lot of stress and problems in their life. In this regard, it's vital to stay calm with the help of the black agate stones for the following reasons:

● Enables you to think straight

● Helps you quickly rejuvenate yourself for a long day ahead

● Gives you inner peace

● Helps you stay aware and focused

4. Keeps Stress Levels At A Minimum

Especially in chaotic households, stress levels can be very high and dangerous. In these cases, all the more that stress levels must be kept at a minimum. Else, the problem of one member of the family can escalate and affect the entire whole. Black agate has excellent calming properties to manage stress better.

Here are some of the ways that the black agate stone helps create less stressful situations:

● Organizes any disturbing thoughts in a person's mind

● Removes and pieces out together disorganized thoughts

● Replaces stressful thoughts with peaceful vibes

5. Improves Chances Of Survival In Dangerous Situations

Have you recently been in a dangerous situation? Particularly for those with the zodiac sign Libra, the black agate can help increase their chances of survival when in danger. This also applies best to patients who are, unfortunately, in a critical condition. For this purpose, the black agate's power to ward off evil curses is very strong.

For patients who are under critical condition, the black agate, particularly the Bulls Eye Agate, is said to help in treating disorders of the reproductive system. Whenever dangerous growths in the body are also spotted, the black agate can help manage them.

6. Helps Ensure Safety During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or have recently given birth? The black agate is also very beneficial for expectant mothers, and those who have just given birth as well as their respective young children.

Pregnancy is no easy feat, and it's undeniable that the mother is going to be under a lot of stress and tension. In addition to that, depression is very common. The black agate works to give emotional and psychological protection to both mother and child. It helps ensure that they recover and heal well. Black agate has shown stunning efficacy in this regard that it is often called by mothers as the ultimate pregnancy stone.

Here are some of its benefits concerning pregnancy:

● Ensures healthy milk flow

● Soothes labor pains

● Eases morning sickness

Is Black Agate Affordable?

Now that you are already aware of the many benefits that the black agate can bring, perhaps, you're also wondering if it's something that you can afford. Else, you might be excited about wanting to buy one, only to find out later on that it's out of the budget. The good news, however, is that the black agate is modestly priced.

When you're looking for black agates but are on a budget, you may want to opt for those varieties with simple artistry and design. That way, you can save on the costs. If you've got a bigger amount to spare, that's when you can have a leeway for more custom-sized pieces.

For decorative purposes, here are some of the varieties of the black agate that you can choose from:

Banded Agate. This variety is one of the most popular types because of its color layers and bright colors. Banded agates are mostly sourced from Brazil.

Moss, Plume, And Dendritic Agates. This type of black agate has mossy inclusions of mineral oxides, commonly used in charm bracelets.

Picture Or Scenic Agates. This type has inclusions that mimic landscapes, including shorelines, trees, and lakes. This is also one of the most treasured types of agates.

Fire Agates. The fire agate has plate-like crystals that are iridescent. More cutting and polishing can help create a smoother and better effect.

Lace Agates. As its name suggests, a lace agate looks a lot like fine lace does. Lace agates are banded with loops and intricate swirls. Mexico is the most common source of this type of black agate.


Through wearing the black agate, the owner of the charm has protection against evil forces. Its magical properties are deemed to be very powerful that, in fact, the black agate is also considered as one of the most powerful in the whole agate family. By using it, not only is the physical health improved, but the emotional and mental well-being, as well. Also, add to that the possibility of an increase in material wealth. There's no harm in trying.

If you're interested in stones, crystals, and charms, the black agate is an excellent choice for you to go for. However, never rely on this stone alone as far as your overall well-being is concerned. It’s still important to seek professional help for your health issues, and the black agate could just offer added positivity and calm to whatever you’re going through.

Article byDemi Powell